Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photography Backgrounds #1

All these free blog backgrounds are made with photographs I took myself with my Olympus PEN E-PL1 Camera. It's a super-easy way to make a background... but it's fun too! :)

What's really cool is that all these pumpins and squash were grown in our vegetable garden by my Dad. He definitely has a double dose of green thumb when it comes to gardening! :) Even with the drought, he's managed to reap a very bountiful harvest!

And since Autumn is on it's way... ;) This series of backgrounds features 'autumnal' themes.

To use a background, copy the HTML code underneath the picture, and see the "Installation Instructions" page for a tutorial on how to install a background on your blog.
Antique Pumpkins

Antique Pumpkins, 3 Column

Railroad Ties {transparent}

For the "City Slicker", Railroad ties are the crosspieces that the railroad tracks are laid on. Leftover railroad ties make wonderful lumber for using in landscape projects. We happen to have huge retaining walls built on our land from railroad ties, and the wood has a weathered, mossy texture that was just begging me to photograph it. :D

Railroad Ties {transparent}, 3 Column

Railroad Ties {white}

Railroad Ties {white}, 3 Column

Sepia Squash

Sepia Squash, 3 Column

 Bright Pumpkins

Bright Pumpkins, 3 Column

Enjoy! :)


Gloria said...

Love it! Love it all!!
So proud of you, girl!

Julia said...

Thank you Mama! :D