{Blog Headers}

Welcome to the FREE blog headers page! :) These headers were made to coordinate with
"I Love it!" free blog backgrounds.

To Use A Header:

Click on your image of choice.
Right-click and choose "Save Picture As" and save it to your computer.
For Techies:
1. Open your favorite photo editing program (GIMP is free, by the way) and add your own text, then save your picture, then go to your blogger Design page and from the Page Elements tab, click "Edit" on the spot where your header goes.
2. Choose "from my computer" and click "Browse" and find your image and then make sure you upload it with the checkbox marked "Instead of Blog Title and Description", since your title and description are already on the image itself.
If the header looks too big, remove it and re-upload it but choose "shrink to fit".

If the header needs to be centered, follow this tutorial.

For Non-Techies:
I'm still looking for a good way to be able to add my blog headers to your blog and display the current blog titles and descriptions over it. For now, you can try uploading the blank image to your blog in the same way as described in step 2 above, but choose "Behind Title and Description" when deciding the image placement.
Remember to click Save when you're done! :D

Check back soon for more, as I will constantly be updating this page with new headers! :)

~ Free Blog Headers ~

Teal Ruffles

Brownie Points

Good Health and Bloom

Enjoy! :)