Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vintage and Antique, Inspired by Dearest Jane

I received a request for Antique blog backgrounds, and decided to design some that fit that description. While creating them I was struck with the idea to name them all after something from Jane Austen's books, and suddenly my mind was bursting with ideas!
I should make you guess where each name is from... ;) But I'll be nice and tell you with every one. :D I was planning on releasing these next week... but then I heard that one of my friends was going to be using an "I Love it!" background with her upcoming blog makeover. Knowing her to be a fellow Jane Austen Fan, I let her know about the coming backgrounds, and she said that she would definitely be waiting on them.

So I designed ALL of these yesterday, and am sharing them today! *awesomeness* :D

Credit: The free backgrounds in this series were almost solely made using elements from Friendly Scrap, and a ribbon from Summertime Designs and another ribbon I found in a freebie kit from Wishing Well Creations.
For the sake of saving space, I have not posted previews of the three column versions of every  background... (although I do try to do that when the three column version looks different.) ...the code is just underneath the 'standard' width code for each design. (They usually look very much like the standard width except that the white middle section is just a little wider.)
To use a free background, copy the code underneath the background of your choice and paste it into an HTML/javascript gadget on your blog sidebar. :) For more details (and how to install a background into a Picture Window template, see the installation instructions page.)

A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart, 3 Column

^ This background is named after Fanny Price in Mansfield Park, who had a very grateful heart.


From Pride & Prejudice... the lovely Miss Georgiana Darcy, the hero's younger sister.
Georgiana, 3 Column

Sunflower Sensibilities

From Sense & Sensibility, obviously. :D Lol!

Sunflower Sensibilities, 3 Column

A Word, A Look

From Persuasion. TRIVIA: This background has a nearly transparent overlay of text in the center. The text is the entire letter that Captain Frederick Wentworth wrote to Anne in Bath. And the font is called "Jane Austen". Too cool! :D
A Word, A Look, 3 Column

Something Infinitely More Dear

From.... Emma! Mr. Knightley told her that he did not want to call her his friend because he wanted to call her "Something infinitely more dear." - awwwww. :D
Something Infinitely More Dear, 3 Column

The Drawing Room at Uppercross

From Persuasion. Uppercross was where Anne's younger sister Mary lived with her husband and family, and where Anne first saw Captain Wentworth again after being parted for over eight years.
The Drawing Room at Uppercross, 3 Column

Explore the Mysterious Chest

Lol... fans of Northanger Abbey will quickly recognize this scene from the book. Catherine Morland, staying in what she sees as the deliciously spooky Northanger Abbey, explores a 'mysterious chest' in her bedroom... only to find.... I shall not tell. You'll have to read the book yourself. ;)
Explore the Mysterious Chest, 3 Column

Lodgings in Bath

This is also from Northanger Abbey, when Catherine goes to stay in Bath (before going on to Northanger Abbey) - but it would fit with several other Jane Austen stories that also include scenes in Bath.
Lodgings in Bath, 3 Column

Is Pride a Fault or a Virtue?

Pride & Prejudice again! Elizabeth asks Mr. Darcy his opinion on this point, and at the time he cannot say which. But I think he later forms something like an opinion to the former. Inspiration for the colors came from the Keira Knightley movie version, in the scene where she asks this question. Mr. Bingley's drawing room looked so elegant! But I vastly prefer the Jennifer Ehle movie version in general.
Is Pride a Fault or a Virtue? - 3 Column


From Mansfield Park - Sotherton was the incredibly grand (if stuffy, and a little in need of "improvement") estate of Mr. Rushworth, a lesser character in the story but one of my favorites as to providing humorous material... and he has my sympathy in his choice of wives.

Sotherton, 3 Column

I included a preview of the 3 Column version of this one because it's a bit different than the original... the lacy ribbon borders are darker.

Good Health and Bloom

This is from Emma, from a conversation between Mr. Knightley and Mrs. Weston (Emma's ex-governess) about Emma. I think the shade of pink looks very much like the gown she wears to the ball in the Romola Garai movie version! :D
Good Health and Bloom, 3 Column

Good Health and Bloom with Chandelier

And, you know, 'cause I have this thing for chandeliers, I had to make a version with one. ;)
(sorry, no 3 Column version)

"Oh, a Cottage! How Very Snug."

This title is based off a remark that Fanny Dashwood makes in Sense and Sensibility. She's the evil sister-in-law that you love to hate in the story.
"Oh, a Cottage! How Very Snug."- 3 Column
I hope you've enjoyed this batch of FREE blog backgrounds! :D In fact, I would not be opposed in the least if you dare to click "__ People Love It, Do You?" And leave me a little note!

Seriously, which one is your favorite?



Allison said...

Oh my! Julia these are amazing!!!!! I love designs like these. My very favorite being Sunflower Sensibilities along with Something Infinitely More Dear. Love all the names you chose! *sigh*

Julia said...

Thanks Allison!! :D I'm so glad you like them! :) Your comment made my day! :D

Katelyn said...

These are amazing!!! My favorites are Sotherton, A word, a look, and A grateful heart. Great job, Julia!

Julia said...

Thank you, Katelyn! :) I *really* like A Word, A Look, too! :D I had a ton of fun making and naming these. :)

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! I agree with the other young ladies who commented..."Amazing"!! ;D And, I don't have a favorite, because I *LOVE* all of them! :D Though I did love what you said beneath each design (and thank you for sharing what each went with...never would have guessed them. lol).

Hope you are having a good day...I hope you're feeling all better now! :) {HUGS!}


Vicki said...

I love love love "good health and bloom". Seriously, how does one go about choosing from such a wonderful collection? Now dear, don't sweat.... I'm going to keep my current one on for awhile! It is so pretty and you spent so much time on it :)
I will definitely refer this to friends!

Gloria said...

Love the Jane designs! None like in all of blogland, I am sure! You will do very well with all of this.
Big blessings,

Charity U said...

I love these! Perhaps one day I shall use one...if I do, I'll let you know. :) Jane Austen is amazing!

Jemimah C. said...

I just found out about this design blog through Charity. I adore your designs, especially these Jane Austen backgrounds! I think I'll use one of them...I'll try to set it up later. But your designs are so pretty!

Nduku Wambua said...

I love your designs. They are to die for. I mean really to die for. Thank you.

su perisi beste said...

hi! I'm from istanbul, Turkey! i was looking for a creative and dramatic background for my 2 months old blog. i saw gloria on your site and fell in lovw. see the application on www.superisi.web.tr. also i use wordpress, so to apply it, had to make some arrangements on the size. but it's beautiful now. thanks a lot and love from istanbul!

Anonymous said...

I really like these designs especially since I am getting into Jane Austen. I just recently read Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, and Emma and I had read Sense and Sensibility awhile ago.

I was wondering for your Sunflower Sensibilities why a sunflower? I don't remeber sunflowers being prominent in the book or the movie (1995 with Emma Thompson) that I saw.

Anonymous said...

amazing designs...great work... I love your work...


Abilaine said...

These are so wonderful. I will be sure (when I re-do my blog) to use one of these.

Barbara Zernek said...

Hello :) These templates are so beautiful, I did not know which one to select :)
Finally, I chose A Grateful Heart. Is beautiful. With this template, my blog is now so elegant and dignified. I made a banner (I used your template as photo) Feel free to visit my blog - maybe you like it to me :) Best wishes Barbara