Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Chocolate Series

I actually designed these FREE backgrounds a few weeks ago and haven't posted them until now because I had others I wanted to share first! :D But no longer will you have to wait for this set, because... here it is!
Inspired by Chocolate, all these designs feature some shade of chocolatey goodness. :) From white chocolate to dark, we've got a toothsome selection here to tempt you into adding one (guilt-free!) to your blog. :D

Credit: The free backgrounds in this series were made using papers and elements almost solely from Summertime Designs, with two papers from KevinandAmanda. I recolored many of them though, so you won't find the exact looking ones there. ;)
For the sake of saving space, I have not posted previews of the three column versions of every background... (although I do try to do that when the three column version looks different.) ...the code is just underneath the 'standard' width code for each design. (They usually look very much like the standard width except that the middle section is just a little wider.)

To use a free background, copy the code underneath the background of your choice and paste it into an HTML/javascript gadget on your blog sidebar. :) For more details (and how to install a background into a Picture Window template, see the installation instructions page.)

Chocolatey Creme Delight

Chocolatey Creme Delight, 3 Column

Caramel Pecan Swirl

Caramel Pecan Swirl, 3 Column

Caramel Pecan Blossom

Caramel Pecan Blossom, 3 Column

Creamy Latte

Creamy Latte, 3 Column

Chocolatey Lemon Delight

Chocolatey Lemon Delight, 3 Column

Toffee Wrapper
^ This one is my mom's hands-down favorite of any background I've made yet. She loves the elegant feel of the design and the sophisticated color combination.
Toffee Wrapper, 3 Column

I just love this brown quilt! It's so sweet and homey-looking.
Chocolate Quilt

Chocolate Quilt, Embellished

Chocolate Quilt, Embellished, 3 Column

Chocolate Quilt, Framed

Bronze Butternut

Bronze Butternut, 3 Column

{Framed} by Dark Chocolate
{Framed} by Dark Chocolate, 3 Column

Chocolate Sunset
Chocolate Sunset, 3 Column
Creme de la Creme
Creme de la Creme, 3 Column

Creme de la Creme with Overlay

Creme de la Creme with Overlay, 3 Column

This next one is my absolute favorite of this batch, along with "Chocolatey Creme Delight". I love the dark brown with the creamy beige color.... yummm. :D
Hot Chocolate & Cream

Hot Chocolate & Cream, 3 Column

Walnut Leaves

Walnut Leaves, 3 Column
My brother Mark actually designed this last one himself! (With some help from me in using the tools on GIMP, and a few suggestions...) ;) But didn't he do a great job?? Maybe I can get him to do this more often if people like his designs... :D



Katelyn said...

Caramel pecan blossom and walnut leaves look so pretty!! Well, they all are, but these are my particular favorites.

Rachel said...

Fun! I love this series! The chocolate cream delight at the top was my favorite...and I loved that chocolate quilt one too! ;) HeHe!

Wow, Mark did a great job! Love it! :D Yes, he *should* do some more! ;)

You're doing a great job with your designs so far Julia! there's hardly a one I don't like! :D I can't wait to see what you come up with next! :D

Love and Hugs!

Gloria said...

Oh, yes, these are so beautiful! I am going to have to put my favorite on my blog!
Love you,

Mikailah Autumn said...

Love, love, love them! :) I really like the Creme de la Creme and the Hot Chocolate and Cream. :) Great backgrounds.

Blessings in Christ,

Allison said...

Oh what yummy designs! : ) They are all so lovely! Mark did a great job too.

Charity U said...

*gulp* I can't pass up chocolate. :) Just put up the Creamy Latte one! Love it!

Farm Girl Hannah said...

Those are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I just gave my blog a facelift with your Walnut Leaves 3 column background along with a header I found at Background Fairy! Looks great--keep up the fabulous work!

Godsgirlz1 said...

Do these backgrounds work for wordpress?
Reply at

Julia said...

Godsgirlz, I think they work for Wordpress, but I couldn't tell you how to do it, I know nothing about Wordpress! Good luck! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your designs, but what I'd like to know is how to install them using the newest version of blogger? Thanks in advance!