Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mulberry and Grape

Are there any fans of the color Purple out there? Raise your hand up really high so I can see it! There you are! Wow, look at you all.... :D

Me too. Purple is a dreamy, sometimes mysterious, sophisticated, lovely color. And I love it when you take purple and pink and blend them together into a beautiful shade I call "mulberry" ... it's not pink and it's not purple, but something in-between. 'Nummy! It's beautiful and delicious. :)

So! I hope you enjoy this fresh batch of backgrounds for this week! :) And don't worry, I'll be working soon on some of the backgrounds ya'll have requested. Some "green" backgrounds and I think some more Jane Austen themed backgrounds will be shortly forthcoming. And a bit farther along when winter gets here... I have some gorgeous, sparkly things up my sleeve for you! :D


Credit: The free backgrounds in this series were made using papers and elements from Friendly Scrap.

Remember......For the sake of saving space, I have not posted previews of the three column versions of every background... (although I do try to do that when the three column version looks different.) ...the code is just underneath the 'standard' width code for each design. (They usually look very much like the standard width except that the middle section is just a little wider.)

To use a free background, copy the code underneath the background of your choice and paste it into an HTML/javascript gadget on your blog sidebar. :) For more details (and how to install a background into a Picture Window template, see the installation instructions page.)
Berry-Hued Posies

Berry-Hued Lace

Berry-Hued Lace, 3 Column


Ancestry, 3 Column

Vaseful of Cherry Blossoms

Vaseful of Cherry Blossoms, 3 Column

I can almost smell them. *snifffff* Ahhh. :D


This background is named after my mom. :) Love you mommy! :)

Gloria, 3 Column

Lavender Lace

Lavender Lace, 3 Column
This is the same background, only the lace is thinner on the second version. :)
Light Lavender Lace

Light Lavender Lace, 3 Column

Blackberry Satin

I LOVE the old fashioned "Cobwebby"-looking lace in this background... so beautiful! :)

Blackberry Satin, 3 Column

Strawberry Satin

Strawberry Satin, 3 Column
Yum. So sweet and feminine... :) You'll have to be a girly-girl to enjoy these "Satin" designs. :D But I'm half an extremely girly-girl, so I love things like this! :)
Grape Satin

Grape Satin, 3 Column

Raspberry Satin

Raspberry Satin, 3 Column

Futuristic Fuchsia

Futuristic Fuchsia, 3 Column


I had a crayon this color of pinkish-purple once, and the wrapper said "Razzmatazz." :D
Razzmatazz, 3 Column

A Restful Room, Mulberry

A Restful Room, Mulberry, 3 Column
If some of these look a little familiar already, it's because there are aqua versions of them in this post. :)
A Restful Room, Rose

A Restful Room, Rose, 3 Column

Enjoy! :)


Gloria said...

You are so sweet! To name a background after your Mama!!
Thank you, I feel honored!
Love you back,

Mikailah Autumn said...

Those are so cute!! :)

Rachel said...

Very nice! :D Lot's of bits of lace and lavender! ;) HaHa! I love the one done in your mom's sweet! Hey, I had a Razzmatazz crayon too! ;) Funny! That's so much fun to say "Razzmatazz", "Razzmatazz", "Razzmatazz". ;) lol

Great job! Oh, some green backgrounds sound nice! :D Can't wait to see what new stuff you create!

Love ya!

Katelyn said...

LOVE THEM!!! Especially Gloria, all the satins, LAvendar lace and Ancestry.

Salomé said...

Hello Julia. I came across your design blog via Rachel (who's a good friend of mine).

I LOVE your designs. Absolutely beautiful.

I'm curious though, do your designs work on wordpress or not? See, I don't use blogger... :|


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Kayleigh, and it's great to meet another sister in Christ! Isn't God just amazing? I LOVE your backgrounds; I'm using one on my blog, and it will probably be different in another week, just because there are so many of your backgrounds that I love! Great job; you are definitely talented!
My sisters and I have a sort of creative ministry, too.
If you would like to check out our website, it's
God bless you and may the Lord make His face shine on you and give you peace. Thank you for the background -- I love it!

Yasmin :) said...

Hi Julia ! I saw your blogs through searching for different borders.

I really love your designs and I will be very honored if you let me use it for my paper works.

Thank you so much . :) you're truly a gifted person. I wish to have a hand like yours .

- Yasmin ( from Philippines )

Maria said...

I love all of those so much that I really can't decide which to put on my blog, they're all so amazing.

Melody said...

I'd love to see the ones you mentioned if you wouldn't mind telling me the link!

As for my friend, she'd probably prefer something simple; not an attention-grabber, just a cute/pretty accent. She likes Shabby Chic styles, and the blog is going to be for period-based doll dresses. But she's very picky, haha, so I wouldn't want to specifically making one if I were you. ;-)

Thanks for your help! =) You are very good at designing!

Alyianna said...

These are awesome! I just used one of your older designs on my new blog...please check it out!

Bekah said...

There are SO many to choose from!!!
Thanks for all the designs.

Caroline said...

Aww, I love the Vaseful of Cherry Blossoms. I have it on my blog here:

Thanks so much for these. It's so hard to chose from!!!

Unknown said...

Some lovely designs you have :)

Tanesha x

♥ Naomi ♥ said...

So um... what happened? Not to be rude, but there haven't been any posts for a while...

Anna said...

Good job! Very nice work.


Julia said...

Naomi, it's not rude to ask! I just haven't been able to do any backgrounds... I have some designed but the coding takes such a long time. I've been super busy with my jewelry business and life in general, and something had to go. :P So the blog backgrounds got shoved to the bottom of the pile. :( Maybe I can make some more for this fall and winter! :)


Kelly Brown said...

I'm trying to redo my blog and I'm going to use one of your designs (which is gorgeous by the way :)), but my problem lies in that I have one of your old buttons that I can't get off. I wanted to put the button in a different place but I couldn't figure out how to. lol I'm not very computer savvy concerning HTML and that kinda thing. I don't know if there is anyway you can help but I figured I would ask. I would appreciate any impute you may have.
Thanks! :)

Kelly Brown said...

"She's Stunning in Aqua". I'm just now sure how to get the button out of the top left corner...
Thanks for the quick response :)

Mikayla Holman said...

Hay Julia, I just wanted to say thank you, I just started up a blog and your backround made it look SO much better!