Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paisley and Pretties

As Summer draws to a close, I thought it would be fun to offer some free blog backgrounds that are 'transitional' in that they would fit both Summer or Fall.

The following backgrounds were designed using elements from the "Angel Mother" kit at Summertime Designs.

An Ode to Paisley

(My brothers helped me come up with the name for this background.) ;)
An Ode to Paisley, 3 Column


Annabelle, 3 Column

Mom's Garden

Late-Blooming Daisies

Late-Blooming Daisies, 3 Column

Summer's End

This background reminds me of a quilt that one might tenderly unpack from a corner of the attic at the end of Summer to cuddle up with on the chilly late-summer nights.
Summer's End, 3 Column

Picnic at Rosie's

This background is named after my grandmother Rosie, and the hint of red-and-white gingham makes me think of a picnic. :)
Picnic at Rosie's, 3 Column

Enjoy! :D


Allison said...

Hi Julia,

YES! I love it! : D These are beautiful! Keep up the fabulous work!


Julia said...

Thanks Allison! :D I'm glad you love the site! :)

Mikailah said...

Those are great!! ;) I like the names too!

Melody said...

Julia! I had no idea you had this blog! Stumbled across it while looking for backgrounds Very cool! =D I especially enjoyed looking at the Jane Austen-inspired backgrounds.

I'm looking for something (on behalf of someone else) that is pale/pastel/ pink and ideally that looks like fabric and has a small floral print. Do you happen to have anything like that? I would look through and try to find out but I'm afraid I lack the time. :-/ So I thought I'd ask since you, of course, know what you have! haha

Lovely blog.