Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Denim and Damask, Blues and Mystery

I confess, I adore a good mystery. I began with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and worked my way up to Sherlock Holmes. Curled up in an armchair reading a mystery when "the game's afoot!", while the sky outside turns midnight blue and a full moon peeps through the clouds is something I very much enjoy.

The following series of Backgrounds all have blue, or mystery, or both, as the theme. :)

Design Elements were used from the absolutely wonderful Summertime Designs, and the Clock elements came from the very awesome Scrappiness Downunder.
Remember, to use a background, copy the HTML code underneath the picture.

Blue Mystery


Blue Mystery, 3 Column

Dancing Paisley

Dancing Paisley, 3 Column

Teal Shadows

Teal Shadows, 3 Column

Have you ever read a Sherlock Holmes story? Oftentimes the 'time' of certain events turns out to be crucial in solving the mystery.
The Clock Struck One

The Clock Struck One, 3 Column

(A 3 Column version without the clocks is available upon request for both "The Clock Struck One", and "Is It Time?") :)
Is It Time?

Is It Time?, 3 Column

The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come, 3 Column

And one more, just for fun!
(we had a) Grand Time



Charity U said...

I love the first blue one! Blue backgrounds rock. :)

Katelyn said...

I just put "Is It Time?" up as my background;very nice.

Unknown said...

I love the top blue ones [blue mystery]

Stephanie said...

Your backgrounds are so beautiful! I am now following and I look to future visits :) Have a lovely day!