Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Glamorous Gray

There's something so chic and sleek about just the right shade of Gray. Or Grey. How you you spell it? I like both! :D The backgrounds in this series all have a shade of gray somewhere in the design. From charcoal to light ash grey, a subtly sophisticated look is incorporated throughout.

A Sense of Style

A Sense of Style, 3 Column

Gray Sophisticate (For rather wide or 3 Column designs)

Grey Sophisticate (For rather wide or 3 Column designs)

So sorry that there isn't a 'standard' size background for the 2 designs above!


 Greypatch, 3 Column

Chloe's Chandelier

Chloe's Chandelier, 3 Column

Nanny's Dress

(Without the chandelier, it reminds me of a dress that a proper English nanny might wear... the black, with white polka dots - oooh, and a hint of bright accent color, if she's a fashionable lady!)

The following series of backgrounds is named after one of my very dear friends, McKenzie. I was able to attend her lovely graduation ceremony, and the colors of the party and cake afterwards were much like the palette used in these blog backgrounds... and so were the polka-dots! :)
McKenzie {Flower}

McKenzie {Flower}, 3 Column


McKenzie, 3 Column

Grey Wildrose

Grey Wildrose, 3 Column

Black Madonna

This background design "Black Madonna" was named after a book I read by Davis Bunn, one of my favorite Christian Fiction authors (or as he prefers to be titled - wordsmiths). One of my very favorite Davis Bunn books is "The Book of Hours". Check it out, you'll like it! :)

Black Madonna, 3 Column

Enjoy! :)


Mikailah Autumn said...

Those are great backgrounds! Do you have any antique ones? :)

Julia said...

Hi Mikailah,

Yes! I do have antique-themed backgrounds that will be released shortly. Stay tuned - I'm going to be releasing a new series every week! :)

Charity U said...

Hey, Julia! I'm using another one of your backgrounds...just switched to one of these beautiful gray ones. :) Love your backgrounds!


Charity U said...

I'm using one of these lovely gray backgrounds now...have I mentioned recently that your backgrounds are my favorites ever? I use yours exclusively. :)

Charity U said...

Ha, I see I've commented here before, but now I'm back because...I'm using another one of these. McKenzie, this time. Love it! Just calm enough to work with my header and all. :)