Friday, September 2, 2011

Artistic Illustrations

*Imagine your favorite music playing*

I love this set of backgrounds. They're all very 2-d, and look like something you might draw or paint... and they're so artsy! :D Most of these are all very different from anything I've ever seen out there in blogworld. I have no idea if anybody but myself is going to even like them! But I enjoyed designing them, so even if nobody thinks these are any good, it doesn't matter to me. :D

Credit: The free backgrounds in this series were made using papers from Friendly Scrap.

For the sake of saving space, I have not posted previews of the three column versions of every background... (although I do try to do that when the three column version looks different.) ...the code is just underneath the 'standard' width code for each design. (They usually look very much like the standard width except that the middle section is just a little wider.)

To use a free background, copy the code underneath the background of your choice and paste it into an HTML/javascript gadget on your blog sidebar. :) For more details (and how to install a background into a Picture Window template, see the installation instructions page.)

Emma's Dream

Emma's Dream, 3 Column

Emma's Dream, Azure

Emma's Dream, Azure, 3 Column

*ah-hem* um, yes, I have become quite fond of the 'colorize' tool in my design program, Gimp. :D
Emma's Dream, Heliotrope

Emma's Dream, Heliotrope, 3 Column

End of Summer Flowers

End of Summer Flowers, 3 Column


Birdsong, 3 Column
(This one's a tad different than the original, esp. on the edges...)

Caribbean Doodles

(Sorry, no 3 Column for Caribbean Doodles - yet.)

Brazilian Doodles

Brazilian Doodles, 3 Column

Cranberries and Silver

Cranberries and Silver, 3 Column

Freeform Floral in Chocolate

Freeform Floral in Chocolate, 3 Column

Freeform Floral at Midnight

Freeform Floral at Midnight, 3 Column

Funky Jungle

Funky Jungle, 3 Column

Feather Duster

Feather Duster, 3 Column

Blue Raspberry and Milk Chocolate

Blue Raspberry and Milk Chocolate, 3 Column

Almond Swirl

Almond Swirl, 3 Column

Did you like these, or was this post in vain? :D Let me know by clicking "__ people love this, Do you?" and leaving me a little message in a bottle. That is, a text box. :D


Rachel said...

Okay, so you didn't need to tell me to leave you a comment...because of *course* I was going to! ;) Haha! I *LOVE* these! Oh, now I'm wishing I had like a million blogs just so I could use every single one of your backgrounds!!!! :( Seriously! If you keep making them, I will never be able to choose just one! ;) HeHe!

Another great job Julia! Keep up the great work! :D

Love in Christ,

Julia said...

Awww, thank you, Rachel! :D I'm thrilled that you like these! They're so 'different' that I wasn't sure anyone but myself would like them. :D So glad to have my suspicions proved wrong! :D

I'll help you pick a new background when the time comes to change yours... and if we can't find one that's "just right", I'll make one just for you! :D

Katelyn said...

These are just beautiful!! Gotta put one on my blog; which one, though? So many choices.

Mikailah Autumn said...

Beautiful! :) I love all the backgrounds. There are so many great ones to chose from! I can't make up my mind. :D

Blessings in Christ,

Gloria said...

You are just getting better and better! Love all the beautiful things you do!
Love and hugs,

katie vannoy said...

I love the blue swirls one! I have it as my blog back ground now! Check it out to see how cute it is if you want! Thanks for the wonderful design!