Installation Instructions

Background Installation For Blogger Minima or Simple Template:
"I Love it!" Backgrounds work best with this template.
{if you want to change your blog template to the nice old Minima template, go to your blogger 'Design' page and click "Edit HTML". Scroll down and click "Select Template" underneath the "Old Templates" title, and choose Minima.}
  • Copy the code underneath your background of choice.
  • Go to your blogger 'Design' page and make sure you are on the 'Page Elements' tab.
  • Click "Add a Gadget".
  • Click "HTML/javascript".
  • Paste the copied code into the box.
  • Click "Save".
  • Done!

Background Installation For Blogger Picture Window Template:
  • Follow above instructions for Minima/Simple template (copying code into a gadget on your sidebar).
  • View blog and check to see if the "I Love it!" Blog Designs icon shows up correctly. If it is out of place, you will have to delete the last part of the HTML code you just copied. Remove code starting from - <div id="tag"  - to the end of the code.
  • If you removed the icon code in the above step, you must put an "I Love it!" Blog button in a gadget somewhere on your blog. See the Home page on this website to find a blog button to use.
  • Go to "Template Designer".
Designing your template to go with "I Love it!" backgrounds:

1. Go to your "Design" tab from your blogger dashboard, and click "Template Designer".
2. You should see some template options to the side. Click "PICTURE WINDOW".
3. (this step is optional, but I would do it anyway) - On the left, click 'Background Image', then click 'remove image'. (This way, you won't see the original picture flash for a second while your blog is uploading.)
4. Go to 'Adjust Widths' (on the left) if you would like to alter the widths. I would suggest keeping the total blog width at 960 pixels (px) maximum, to stay within the boundaries of a 3-Colum/wide blog background, smaller for 'standard' width. (it will usually look a little better if the blog is slightly narrower than that) But you can make the sidebar as narrow or large as you wish in order to accomodate your 'space' tastes for the main post column. I would leave your sidebar at least 200 or 250 pixels wide to accomodate blog buttons and other paraphernalia. :)
5. Clicking 'Layout' will allow you to decide if you want a sidebar on the left, or the right, or if you even want more than one sidebar. If you want a large post section you'll have to stay with one sidebar.
6. Click Advanced. Here's the techie part. (Don't start to sweat, it's easy)
  • 6.1 - Click 'backgrounds', and make sure the outer background is white, or whatever color you want people to see before the background loads.
  • 6.2 - Make sure that the header background and especially the POST background are transparent. (click the little boxes of color right underneath the "Header Background" and "Post Background titles to change this.)
  • 6.3 - play around with everything else until you like the effect. :D I would make the post border transparent too, unless you want it to show. (Find that through Advanced > Post > and then edit the "border color")
I hope you did not have any difficulty following the directions. Feel free to comment with any questions or comments and I will attempt to answer promptly.