Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dazzling Winter

These freshly sparkling blog backgrounds glimmer with winter wonder!

I hope you enjoy them. I think I might be redecorating my own blog with one of these... they're just irresistible!
Credit: The free backgrounds in this series were made using papers and elements from Friendly Scrap.

Remember......For the sake of saving space, I have not posted previews of the three column versions of every background... (although I do try to do that when the three column version looks different.) ...the code is just underneath the 'standard' width code for each design. (They usually look very much like the standard width except that the middle section is just a little wider.)

To use a free background, copy the code underneath the background of your choice and paste it into an HTML/javascript gadget on your blog sidebar. :) For more details (and how to install a background into a Picture Window template, see the installation instructions page.)

Glittering Winter Exhilaration - Plum

Glittering Winter Exhilaration - Plum, 3 Column
Glittering Winter Exhilaration - Silver

Glittering Winter Exhilaration - Silver, 3 Column

It's Called Bling

It's Called Bling, 3 Column

It's Called Bling (Lime)

It's Called Bling (Lime), 3 Column

Pure Glam

Pure Glam, 3 Column


Ooooh, 3 Column

Sparkling Crimson

Sparkling Crimson, 3 Column

Sparkling Raspberry

Sparkling Raspberry, 3 Column

Sparkling Taupe

Sparkling Taupe, 3 Column

Snow Bokeh

Snow Bokeh, 3 Column
So... tell me! What was your favorite one from this batch? :D


olenka said...

beautiful!!! i will use first one! Thank you!!!

Rachel said...

Definitely sparkly! So pretty and shiny and festive! :D


Julia said...

You're welcome, Olenka! I'm glad you like it! :D

Rachel, thank you! That was the idea! Haha! :)


Charity U said...

Ooooo...I love sparkly and these are beautiful. My current problem -- choosing which to use!

Alyianna said...

Hello! I suppose I should introduce myself. :) Alyianna at your service, and I love your blog. :)

I awarded you over at my blog because I absolutely LOVE your designs!

Unknown said...

These backgrounds are great. The aqua winter is my favorite. You do wanderful work. Thanks for sharing.